About us

We're a mighty company of two steeped in athletic and rugged outdoor travel. Our passion for adventure is equally matched by our focus to create uniquely designed bags with the function and simplicity necessary to take on anything, while keeping your gear safe and ultra organized.
By personally working with a certified fair wage factory, we honor the work and trade of every individual who has a hand in crafting our bags. As stewards to the environment, we ensure that any wasteful byproducts in our production, such as excessive packaging and material are eliminated. With the growth of Victory Sportdesign, we strive to maximize our sustainability in order to give back to the natural fabric we are all cut from.
Victor Ballesteros: CEO, Designer, Runner
When I was a child, I told my mom I hated my name. She said I shouldn't, because Victor meant: The strong one, the conqueror, Victory.
Born in Mississippi and raised in California, my family was always on the go. Both parents were ready for adventure and never afraid to expose us to the ways of the world. As an architectural engineer, my father taught me the virtue of clean and functional structure and design. My mother, a fine artist, introduced me to aesthetics, form, and thinking outside the box. Together, they instilled in me a wonder for where life can take me, and the process of creative problem solving.

Earning a degree in Painting, Film, and Design from the California College of the Arts in Oakland CA, I continue to explore the world with the gear necessary for adventure. By the fickle finger of fate, I became a competitive long distance runner. Due to the need for extremely organized and durable gear bags that the sport demands and the travel which accompanies it, I designed and created the Victory Bag collection as a loving nod to my mother's words so long ago.

Jena Rose: Vice President, Sales Manager, Food & Beverage Engineer
A graduate of Boston University and professional actress & singer for 30 years, I learned a new skill set by opening, owning & operating a long-standing business in the food industry. Looking for yet a new challenge & direction, I teamed up with Victor to help run Victory Sportdesign.
You might find me doing the books, creating sales opportunities, editing social media content, shipping product to customers, wear-testing & feedback, working a booth at an event, or one of many other roles necessary to Victory Sportdesign's success.
Max, Dogi and (Lucy in memoriam): the Victory Mascots   
Adograble and always ready for adventure with, mom, dad, and their Victory Bags! Together, they were a beautiful, fun, crazy team. On May 18th, 2021 at seven and a half years too young, our sweet Lucy left this plane to run forever in the celestial mountains. Her soul will always be a part of the running tribe that loved seeing her wherever she was. Sweet Doji, not pictured yet, Joined our clan in December of 2021. It's now Max's turn to show her the ropes.
Levi Webb: Mountain Athlete, Online Marketing
Online Marketing Levi is an adventure dad and middle distance runner turned mountain athlete and Ultrarunning Coach at Pinnacle Running. Levi joined the Victory Crew falling in love with the ultra-smart design of victory bags for his own ultra adventures.