Issues, Warranty, Return Policy, and a shoulder to lean on

Hi, I'm Victor. I run this company with my wife Jena, and our dog Max. We're home grown and committed to your Victory Bag stoke. As the CEO and sole designer of these unique adventure bags, I'm also your customer service, problem solver and creator of smiles. I'm here for you whenever there's a question, issue, or simply to connect. Please reach out through our contact page and always know that I've got your back.
100% Love it, or Return it guarantee: We understand that having a Victory Bag in hand is a much richer experience than looking at a picture. We're so confident in our products and what what we do, if you take a chance on a Victory Bag and decide it's not big enough, too big, or doesn't have enough organized storage (yeah right), Simply return it unused or in re-sellable condition for a full refund.
Victory Bags are designed to last, yet we understand that things happen.
Your purchase is warrantied for a year. If anything should fail on your Victory Bag within that time frame we will replace it free of charge.
After the year is up, we'll still have your back! If your bag should suffer a major malfunction not associated with normal wear and tear, we will replace it for a $20 replacement fee.
One issue we've seen pop up a few times is regarding zipper pulls, and water resistant tracks.
In our effort to provide a solid, water-resistant zipper track, we’ve incorporated track with a polyurethane coated material. This creates a water-repellent barrier, which is stiffer than ordinary tracks. When using the zippers, be mindful. Always move with the direction of the track, especially around the corners, to ensure that it doesn’t potentially dig into the outer material lining. We know that getting in and out of your bag quickly can sometimes mean pulling up hard on the zipper against the direction of the track, instead of with it. DON’T DO THAT! 😉
Following these directions will ensure the longest life for your bag, and always keep you organized and prepared for adventures ahead!
Regardless of which category you might fall under, always feel free to contact us. We'll always have your back, and do everything we can to make things right.